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Deci, ceea ce urmeaza e luat de pe un site, si sunt trei intrebari cu privire la Green Day.

Question 1: Who are they?

Green Day are three guys (and their family and friends) who have always loved making music. They came from American working class (or outright poor) backgrounds in northern California and they played and toured for many years before they became famous. They have always worked hard, made smart decisions about the band, and have not let fame and money change who they are. They began as punk rockers and while they still play punk rock, their music and lyrics have developed over time to become much more complex than most punk rock bands.

More details about the band can be found in the their Biographies.

Question 2: How have their song lyrics developed over time?

Green Day have always written about a few basic rock themes: girls, love, drugs and the point of life. Over time they have developed and presented these themes in more complicated ways.

For example, their earliest songs were about girls, love and complaining (in a bored teenager way) that there is nothing good on TV. However their most recent album, American Idiot, is an ambitious rock opera. It focuses on an average teenager growing up in a dead end town and trying to figure out who he is and what's the point of life. But American Idiot also returns to their early complaint about TV, with a difference: now Billie Joe's concern is that the weirdness on TV (and in media in general) distracts people from the problems in the world...makes everyone into an "American idiot" (source: Billie Joe TV interview).

I have included many lyrics in this project, and a chart that analyses the themes of the songs over time. It covers from their earliest to their latest. I also did one in-depth analysis of a song on American Idiot called "Boulevard of Broken Dreams". This song has won them many awards. I used it to show how their lyrics have become more poetic and sophisticated over the years.

Question 3. What are the messages in their album American Idiot?

The album can be listened to on many levels. First of all it is music to dance to. Secondly it's the story of one character who has outrageous adventures. (This is why it's often compared to the Who's rock opera Tommy, which also has just one character that everything happens to.) Thirdly it's a critique of the fact that Americans let their media distract them and turn them into idiots, as I've written above. And fourthly it could also be taken that the American Idiots are their President, George W. Bush, and everyone who believes in him.
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Green Admin

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Informatii generael legate de trupa:

^Berkeley,East Bay, California, SUA
Gen muzical :
^punk rock
^pop punk
^Alternative rock
Ani de activitate :
^1987 - prezent
Case de discuri:
^Lookout! Records(1989-1993)
^Reprise Records:(1993 - prezent)
Interpretare cu :
^Pinhead Gunpowder
^The Frustrators
^The Network
^Foxboro Hot Tubs
Website :
^GreenDayRomania =
^Billie Joe Armstrong
^Mike Dirnt
^Tré Cool
Foşti membri:
^John Kiffmeyer
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